What makes FIT Work Space Solutions different from other co-share spaces on the market?

Flexible Budget. Wiggle Room. FIT.

Traditional flex offices provide a flat monthly fee, leaving entrepreneurs on a flexible budget and schedule without much wiggle room. Our FIT members only pay for the space they need, when they need it.

What led to this new co-share mindset?

Experience. Option. Plan.

FIT was created based on personal experience in the small office leasing and rental market. Standard office leasing typically favors the landlord’s profitability with limited options for the tenant. FIT provides profitable plans that can be changed without altering a contract.

I’m interested! What now?

Tour. Sign up. Select.

Come visit the FIT offices and tour our space! Then, sign-up using our getting started guide. Next, log-in, select and customize to find a membership plan that best fits your business needs

How do the customizable membership work, exactly?

Log-in. Select. Customize.

Customizable memberships start at 24 hours per month, allowing all members to estimate the number of monthly hours necessary to meet their business needs. Simply log-in to our portal and select the preferred membership plan.

What if I need more hours?

Track. Change. Update.

When business is booming and members exceed their estimated monthly hours, our team will track the changes and update your upcoming invoice.

How do I ensure the space I prefer is available? Can I book in advance?

Log-in. Book. FIT.

Yes, log-in to our portal to book right before you leave home, or days, weeks, even months in advance. All members must book online prior to using the space; this helps FIT run smoothly!

I would like more information about the member portal. Is it user-friendly?


Our portal allows FIT members to view invoices and past payments, edit profile information, book offices & conference rooms, view FIT training & events, and much more. For more information, see our welcome package.

Can I bring clients and visitors to my private office?


Unlike most traditional share spaces, all of our offices are large and fully-functional. Our spaces are designed to perform all the functions and tasks of an office. FIT members may bring visitors for any period of time into a private office without the need to book a conference room.

How do I register my visitors?

Add visitor. Save booking. Confirm.

Log-in to the member portal, click the completed calendar booking and select the add visitor options, fill out the visitor's information and select save this booking.

What should visitors expect when they arrive?

Arrive. Confirm. Notify.

Once your visitor(s) arrive, our receptionist will confirm via FIT’s master schedule, and notify you that the expected visitor is waiting in the reception area. For more details, see our welcome package.